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Fall 2018

You may register online any time using the form below,
or by downloading the 2018 Registration Form,
and, either, mailing it to Dance By Leslie, or attaching it to an email to DBL.

If those methods don't work for you,
call us
and we'll set up an appointment.

Or, visit us during any of our regularly scheduled classes
for the remainder of the Spring session
and register then.
Or, when the semester is in session,
you may come during any regular class time
for one sample dance class for FREE during each semester.

Call us with any questions 203-245-3117

Call us with any questions 203-245-3117


Visitor's Weeks have become so popular that we offer three (and the final one is actually two weeks long) of them during our 2018 Fall Semester.
During the Spring Semester of 2019 we will have two additional
Bring A Friend and Visitor's Weeks.
Come join us!
We invite family members and friends of the students to attend the student's regularly scheduled class.
Our hope is to give the students a chance to “show-off” what
they have been working on throughout the semester and to let their family see
and video (if they choose) their child’s dance class.
We also offer to let the student’s friends dance during the class to see if they enjoy it.

For info: call DBL at 203-245-3117 anytime

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