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>>>Try A FREE Dance Class<<<

During our Registration dates, you can attend and sample a FREE dance class!
Or, you may attend any scheduled dance class one time
during the Fall or Spring semester and try it out!
No obligation to register.
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2019 Spring Schedule

Our Spring Schedule for 2019 is here!

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Bring A Friend &
Visitor's Week
during the Fall
& Spring Semesters

This year, DBL has decided to offer 3+ FRIEND & VISITOR'S WEEKS during the Fall Semester! If you're new to Dance By Leslie, we usually designate two separate weeks throughout the Fall semester and the last week of the Fall term to invite friends to come and dance along for free at your student's regular class. Also, we invite parents, friends and family to watch and take pictures or video. This year, we are making the last week into two weeks of the Fall Semester
There will also be 2 weeks in the Spring semester.
One in early February and one at the end of the semester.

They are always fun, so why not add to the enjoyment!

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One of the great areas that we have is
Musical Theatre Dance Classes!
While the Musical Theatre Dance classes will let you sing & dance and perform a Broadway Show tune using music from great musicals such as "Matilda," "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," "Oliver," "Annie," "Grease," "Hairspray," and many more.

Leslie has a distinct advantage over other local dance instructors in this area because she has a very deep and solid résumé in theatre, as well as dance.
Besides her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, she has many years of stage performance, directing and choregraphy
ranging from the Pittsburgh Playhouse to Daniel Hand High School.
On stage, she has, more than once, created her versions of the classic singing and dancing roles of Chava in "Fiddler On The Roof," Ruby in "Dames At Sea,"
Maggie Anderson in "Brigadoon," and many more.
Locally, she is renowned for her work with her husband, Tom Peterson, during their great years (1985-1987,1991-2003) directing and choreographing the Spring Musicals (West Side Story, Grease, Les Miserables, Camelot, 42nd Street and many others) at DHHS. This time period was certainly the heydey of the DHHS Spring Musicals!

When looking for a teacher for Musical Theatre Dance, you will not find anyone else on the CT Shoreline nearly as qualified as Leslie Peterson.
Give her a call or email her. She'd love to talk to you about it all!

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